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our mission

International Institute of Architecture (IIA) offers an intensive eight-week design workshop to youth ages 4 -12. IIA workshops introduce young, creative minds to the world of architecture, and it is our goal to expand each student's design knowledge. In recent times, more and more art and design classes have been cut from school budgets and the opportunity to develop a creative set of intelligent skills is overlooked and slowly forgotten. We believe that our goal and weekly curriculum will inspire students to develop a strong set of critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and design skills. These skills will open up avenues for future success and preparation for higher education whether it is in architecture or design related professions.

Classes meet every Sunday from 9am - 3pm at our Northridge campus. Classes are limited to a maximum of 15 students; our small student to instructor ratio allows for in-depth one-to-one mentoring throughout our eight-week workshop.

founders letter

Alan Kay once said, “The best way to predict the future is to invent it.” And our future here at International Institute of Architecture (IIA) is one that fosters a culture of design and architecture that is receptive, responsive, and resolving ("3R Module" Framework).

We are strong believers of the “3R Module” – a progressive framework developed by IIA that cultivates critical and forward thinking in a creative field. The “3R Module” is a step-by-step thinking process that is designed to be inspiring, innovative, and interdisciplinary to young, creative minds that are interested in design and architecture to varying degrees.

Our eight-week intensive workshop is designed to inspire curiosity about the world of design, and to educate and equip students with basic design knowledge and skills to transform their ideas into reality. Our educational philosophy is rooted in a collaborative environment that motivates our students to pursue a distinctive approach to design and architecture. Whether that may be determining the potential in preparing the foundation for a future career, or enriching a visual curiosity that can be re-adapted to a collection of creative disciplines, it will be a rewarding transformation worth discovering at the end of our program. 

- Artur Nesterenko & Celine Juan