Discover and experience how architects begin a project!

Week 01 is an introduction to how architects first approach a project. Students will be given real sites to study existing conditions and surrounding contexts in order to become more observant and receptive like an architect! Using provided site models, students will begin to explore the potentials of combining different programs on different sites.​

WEEK 02/04


Learn to design and strategize like an architect!

Week 02/04 is about mapping, conditioning, and building. At the end of class, students will really understand the site by being able to make direct connections of surrounding contexts back to specific programs on the site. Every design intuition is intentional, and students will learn how to integrate specific programmatic requirements on a challenging site.​


WEEK 03/06


Create fun engaging drawings that communicate your design intent.

Week 03/06 is the time to explore visual variations. Students will learn about different types of architectural drawings, and be exposed to drawing guidelines such as line-types, line-weights and drawing interfaces such as Autodesk CAD Architecture.





Learn to write and speak like an architect!

Week 07 is about acquiring the skill and courage to communicate your design process clearly and coherently. Students will learn how to construct a presentation board, and how to speak to convey their ideas publicly to an audience. A practice method will be developed prior to the end of studio; practicing at home is highly encouraged prior to presentation next week.




Presentation begins at 1pm!

Week 08 marks the end of the semester, but the beginning of an architectural awareness. Students will showcase their design process and ideas for the past seven weeks and present to family, friends, public alike. A design review featuring designers and architects will comment and critic on student work, and to ultimately inspire students to bring home a continual thirst for design, sustainable, and architectural curiosity!

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